After 30 years, a new edition of Jérôme Spycket’s book, CLARA HASKIL, in the Romanian bookshops

We are pleased to announce that this autumn, Humanitas Publishing House reissues Clara Haskil's most famous biography: the CLARA HASKIL book, signed by Jérôme Spycket and published in 1975 at Payot Publishing House and Nestlé. Three years after its publication in France, the book was also translated into Romanian - the Romanian edition appeared at the Musical Publishing House, translated by Adriana Moscuna and Ina Teodosiu.

After exactly 30 years, Jérôme Spycket's book appears in a new translation for the prestigious Humanitas Publishing House (translated by Lidia Dumitru, Elena Ciocoiu and Adina Cobuz).

„In such times when there are so many impressive piano players, I wondered what was unique about Clara Haskil's word and interpretation. When listening to her play a concert by Mozart or Beethoven, one had the feeling that everything was correct without her making any effort- tempo, overtones, phrasing. This created a dialogue between the conductor and the soloist which made any previous discussion, no matter how thorough, completely useless. The musicians from the orchestra as well, so sensitive concerning the quality of this accord between the two, were astonished during the first repetition and had a visible pleasure in accompanying her”. (Conductor Herbert von Karajan)